Collagen is a major structural protein in the skin. It plays a key role in providing the structural scaffolding for cells, tissues, and organs. If it weren't for collagen, the body would literally fall apart. Collagen also gives the skin its strength and durability and is responsible for the smooth, plump appearance of young, healthy skin. Understanding the structure and function of collagen will help you better know how to maintain a healthy, youthful appearance.

What Is Collagen?
Collagen is the body's major structural protein composed of three protein chains wound together in a tight triple helix. This unique structure gives collagen a greater tensile strength than steel. Approximately 33 percent of the protein in the body is collagen. This protein supports tissues and organs and connects these structures to bones. In fact, bones are also composed of collagen combined with certain minerals such as calcium and phosphorus.

Collagen plays a key role in providing the structural scaffolding surrounding cells that helps to support cell shape and differentiation, similar to how steel rods reinforce a concrete block. The mesh-like collagen network binds cells together and provides the supportive framework or environment in which cells develop and function, and tissues and bones heal.

Collagen and Beauty
Collagen makes up 75 percent of our skin; thus, the smooth, plump appearance of young, healthy skin is due in large part to the presence of healthy collagen levels. Because of this, beauty seekers around the globe search for new ways to boost collagen levels and repair past collagen damage—some go so far as to inject collagen proteins into the skin to plump wrinkles and add volume to the lips. The breakdown of healthy collagen and the decline in collagen production leads to the development of unwanted wrinkles and the appearance of aged skin.

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