Electrical Engineering Contractor Houston

Electrical engineering contractors' scope of work may or may not overlap that of the electrician or electrical contractor. However in the general sense electrical engineering contractors refers to electrical works involving the electrical systems of a building or several buildings (if they are associated), and thus involves dealing with the related higher voltages and amperages. The higher capacities involved means greater emphasis is placed on safety and proper installation.

Generally, the task of an electrical engineer is to design high voltage equipment such as wiring systems, lighting systems, and generators. 7+ years of experience as an Electrical Designer in the petrochemical, refinery, and midstream industries.

Electrical system modeling
Equipment evaluation
Selective coordination studies
Photometric light studies
Grounding studies
​Electrical Engeneering

As the owner of Pieper-Houston Electric, I’m pleased to help uphold its outstanding reputation and continue our quality work as one of the largest electrical contractors in the Houston area. The level of superior workmanship and innovation we hold standard results from the honest efforts and dedication of our Pieper Players. Our commitment to continuing and higher education enables us to provide you with exceptional work that meets the latest industry standards. More Information Visite here: Electrical Engineering Contractor Houston

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