Track visitors to your website

Synodic easily track your websites visitors and replay sessions to analyze user behavior. Once you've got launched your website, you'll start to find out more about the traffic you receive thereto , including page views and visitor stats. These are all ways to live the traffic your website receives, or website statistics.

In this article, we'll re-evaluate the quality statistical information that's included during a website analytics report. We will also show you where to find your website’s analytics report.

What is website traffic analytics?

Website traffic analytics is that the study of your website statistics, and it's into:

The geographical location of your visitors
Track visitors to your website
Which browser they're using
How they received your website
What keywords they used if they were directed to your website from an enquiry engine
What pages did they appear at
How long they spent on your website
Which page did they views last before they left
How often did they are available back to your website

website visitor checker
Check website traffic metrics for nearly any website on the web . Set benchmarks. Spot trends.
Count numbers of visits, unique visitors, and user engagement metrics in dynamics.
Take note of the desktop vs mobile traffic ratio.
Gauge any website’s direct, referral, search, social, and paid traffic. cash in of gaps.
Detect priority markets by watching the countries that traffic comes from.
Collate the most company info of your top rivals.

Understanding your users is key to learning how to improve your website. Check each visitors path and what they are doing on your site without intruding they're privacy. Visit Our Website: Track visitors to your website

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